Arcadian Orchard A Homestead

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Heritage Turkeys
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About Arcadian Orchard

We are a small Homestead with dual purpose Chickens, Turkeys, Kune Kune pigs, a couple of good dogs and an assortment of working barn cats. There's a small Orchard, a Greenhouse, several gardens scattered around and a little creek bordering it all. Mature trees stand around, watching everything.

It's a lifestyle, more than it's a hobby. We consider the natural environment when we make decisions on which plants to plant, where to build something or where to let the animals roam. There are Box Turtles, a variety of amphibians, native bird species, weird bugs and the toads that eat them. We consider their habitat options and keep them in mind. We do not use herbicides or pesticides and carefully consider when to use any gardening aids if any of the plants are having issues. We aim to protect the native creatures and encourage the pollinators and beneficial bugs.

Chickens, for some reason, have become my passion. They fit within the homestead lifestyle like peas in a pod. For their eggs, their meat, their subsequent fertilizer and their ability to graze down pasture and bugs, which in turn is good for their health. We have found a sustainable cycle in their management, which has helped to improve their bloodlines, health and breeding.

I've raised chickens for the bulk of my life thus far. It's only been in the last 7 years that I decided to take it seriously. There is only 1 variety I work with now, the American Bresse. I'm working towards building a community of Bresse breeders as well. It is my goal to build up genetically self sustained foundation flocks in the variety I work with.

It was through/for the chickens that we dramatically changed our lifestyle and went off the beaten path. Everything else just seemed to go with it and from each idea a new idea would come along shortly after. Originally we just wanted more space, of course when you have the space, you fill it with something.

I keep saying "We"... my husband has encouraged this chicken hobby of mine, that has morphed into this lifestyle. He builds it, I tend it. He's been supportive, patient, understanding and not afraid of the "Honey-do" list. He wasn't raised in any of this, while a lot of it was a large part of my childhood. I was raised digging in the dirt, tending plants and chickens and assorted other critters. Hiking around in the woods, learning about habitats and ecosystems... learning the natural world. He has learned that he likes to dig too. That home raised anything feels better and tastes better. He's become a farmer in his own right, quick to catch on and embrace it, learning through being hands-on with it. His thumb is far greener than mine, he's more of a plant nerd than I am.

We're sucked into now, there's no going back. We've ruined ourselves for urban living and we're going to keep growing, living and learning about this. All because we wanted a little more space and a couple more chickens.



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Farming is not just a job, it's a way of life.

Hatching Is Happening!

Is there even an Orchard?

Yes, down the slope behind the barn we have an assortment of apple trees, in 6 varieties to see which perform the best for our soil and level of care. Liberty, Gala, Fugi, Pink Lady , Winesap and Granny Smith, a couple of each. By the house is an ancient cider apple tree, the diameter of it's trunk base is about 18 inches!

At this time we are not equipped for online sales. Please contact us for local availability. Visitors by appointment only.

Located in Mt. Repose, Ohio, just outside of Milford.

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