American Bresse

We're coming into our 7th season with the Bresse. They've proven to be rockstar layers and excellent dinner companions. This flock is from Blended American/Greenfire lines that we've closed off to new additions.

bresse chickens
American Bresse

It's their growth rate, their rate of lay, the shape of their carcass, the texture of their skin and meat... There's a lot to love about the American Bresse.

The variety is the first we have tried that truly were dual purpose and sustainable. Because they are purebred, you can breed your own flock for more of the same. Through breeding selection, you can find future breeding stock and "freezer fillers" from the same hatch batch. Also through breeding selection, you can steer the flock to develop in a way that best reflects your own flock goals.

bresse chicken

At this time we only sell started stock, not chicks or hatching eggs. Our flock  is still in development as we look for those birds that best suit the breed standard , without neglecting those important  production traits.

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