American Bresse

bresse chickens

We're coming into our 6th season with the Bresse. They've proven to be rockstar layers and excellent dinner companions. This flock is from Blended American/Greenfire lines that we've closed off to new additions.

bresse pullet
bresse cockerel

Cockerel at 3 months old.

bresse eggs

It's their thin skin. It's the meat texture, the fat development, the temperament on the "keeper" birds...  they're everything that makes a chicken great, from their ability to forage to how many eggs they  lay. I will always have a flock of Bresse and I will always find how to best keep them true to form and function. I've not found better. This variety should be on every homestead, especially if the aim is for meaty egg layers. They are definitely that, no matter what you need to breed through to get them there. The variety is still rare and there are not many people breeding them appropriately. Be a part of their solution by breeding them better and using them for their purpose!

bresse chicken