We've trimmed the flock down to those varieties that best suit our needs for dual purpose. Other considerations include temperament, hardiness, feed conversion and overall health and longevity.

At this time we are local only.



After much thought and consideration we're sticking with the Black Silver Marans out of the B/B/S line we started with. We'll expand within that variety for improved diversity instead of adding another variety of Marans. Their egg color and type is improving with each generation and I'm really pleased with how they're producing on the dual purpose level.


Bresse - American

The Bresse have exceeded our expectations! They've proven to be good layers of a pretty beige egg (5-6 eggs a week per hen) and extra cockerels  for the table did not disappoint. We will always have a line of pure Bresse, they're too useful not to! They're proven to be calm and friendly, especially the hens.


Colorful Hybrids and Layers

It's all about those eggs! There's so many colors that can come through on that shell, this flock is geared towards those fun colors in both eggs and feathers, while still being built for dual purpose. Hardy, healthy birds with good performance too.



We opted for the Black Ameraucana to gain the Blue Egg gene, they've proven to be perky and medium sized, reasonably friendly and not too flighty. Not what I would call dual purpose, so we only have them in a very small group.



Striking plumage in a dual purpose build, the Double Laced Barnvelder has proven to be a robust bird with a calm temperament. We look forward to seeing how this line matures! They are a new variety for us.


Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments! You can also find us on Facebook for more pictures, stories and goings-on. If we have any birds available, they're usually mentioned there.

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