Here on the farm the dogs play some important roles, from companionship to guard duty to eating the extra eggs, they're here for a purpose.




The Pigs

Two Juliana pigs, Timmy and Priscilla, call our farm home.

Pet pigs can be challenging unless you have experience with herd animals and bull headed creatures. LOVE my pigs! They are kind and good natured, down right sweet when they want to be. Timmy and Priscilla are two little peas in a pod, enjoying the sunshine and grazing in relaxation. In the warmer months they even get a swimming pool!

The token cat has been with us for a number of years, an urban feral foundling we raised from 5 weeks old. Mishka is everything a good cat should be, an excellent mouser, social and sweet, alert and savvy with a love for indefinitely timed belly rubs. We let her do pretty much whatever she wants. She's kind to the babies, social with the dogs and pigs, always up for a walk-a-bout.

Pretty sure she's the one in charge around here.

In Loving Memory


Ricca, aka "Aga Vom Kleinen Holtzen", 2005-2016, German Import. Intense but not very driven. A ridiculous lush with us but a force of her own to strangers. Her personality is still very much missed. She was a special kind of crazy, we were her 5th home when she was 5 months old, if that says anything. By the time she was 3 years old we got her to be a reasonable dog who was relatively  livestock safe. We'll likely never have another who is just like she was, odd as she was.

Logan, 2008-2018. This picture pretty much sums up how he was. Charming, sweet, calm and readily accepting to any critter who came along. He had enough time to leave his mark on the new girls, to help teach them how to behave and be good canine citizens. He was a very, very good boy. The best pet one could hope for and the best "uncle" a puppy could have.