What we're growing

We're in the dabbling phase of gardening, learning which vegetable varieties work well for our soil and methods, which are finicky and which are resilient. We have a mixed style garden, containers, in the soil, raised beds. Annual, biennial and perennial, a wide assortment of plant varieties to try. We are developing a very informative plant table for your viewing pleasure once we have it formatted and user friendly. We'll post that, along with additional information as we learn it, try it, then perfect it.  


What's the difference and why does it matter?

Plants come in all shapes and sizes and so does their yield. Color, texture, flavor, harvest time and growth habit... all of these vary between the different varieties. Some of the Heirloom types can look downright alien. Carrots can be purple, so can garlic, onions, cabbage and potatoes. Tomatoes may vine out or remain stout and compact. You may harvest for only 2 weeks or through most of the season.

Why are you growing it? What do you want from it? What's your growth season like? These answers will help narrow the choices.

This green X will open up quite the spreadsheet, listing vegetables and herbs by name along with their Ph requirements, growth habit, companions, root depth, soil needs, harvest info and whatever other odds and ends we've picked up for it. By no means is it complete, we'll continue to add to it as we go.