Arcadian Orchard

A Homestead

A small farm we call home in Mt Repose, Ohio where we focus on sustainable methods among happy critters and beautiful plants.

Availibilities listed below by breed and type.

Our Set-Up

Clean, Airy and Spacious, for their health and well being.


We provide more space than they need so that we can prevent excessive bullying in the flock, feather picking from crowding and ammonia build-up from too many in a small space. Their air quality is as important as their water and their feed. We feed a blended diet for a breeder ration, which sustains their long term health and egg hatchability. If birds are to be used for breeding and fed a regular commercial type 16% layer ration, they should also have access to good forage daily to improve the nutritional content of the yolk for proper chick development. 


To keep the girls in good condition, they live with only one rooster. We are selective on the type of rooster from his structure and type, to his color and temperament, as well as how well his momma laid eggs. Hens who are not deemed to be of good breeding quality are removed to our food egg coop or are made available as layers. Fertility is always tested and monitored over the course of each season to ensure viability for the next generation.

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Currently we do not have any available poultry, it was a great 2020 and we'll see you in 2021!

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